No paperwork

Use only your passport & US Visa to open your bank account

No branch visits

Set up your account digitally
from India

No risk

All your information is protected by bank-grade security

YC founders enjoy these exclusive benefits when they signup
Ananye Patel
UCLA, Meta

“I wish I had found Swadesh sooner! It’s an excellent product and a total gamechanger for desis relocating to the US.”

Kabir Goel
UC Berkeley

“Finally, a bank made for me! I feel so seen. Never going back to traditional banking!”

Shubham Sarcar
NYU, McCann Consulting

“Slick interface, secure banking, and desi networking! I’ll be using my Swadesh account for life. Not to mention, my minimalistic Swadesh card turns heads.”

Shardul Lavekar,
YC founder

"From account opening, to getting a card, and to transferring money to other accounts - everything was super smooth. I am not opening another bank account in the US. Swadesh is my first and last choice"

Frequently Asked

What is Swadesh?

Swadesh is a Y Combinator-backed neobank for Indian students and immigrants heading to the United States.

We allow you to get an FDIC insured US Bank account before you event set foot in America!
You can start using our virtual card as soon as you land in the US and get your physical debit card delivered as soon as you settle down!

Can I invest in US stocks using Swadesh?

You currently can't invest in US stocks on your Swadesh app but you can still seamlessly set up a US trading account for future investments that otherwise would require a much more complicated process from India.

Is Swadesh safe?

Yes! All Swadesh accounts are insured upto $250,000 by FDIC through our partner bank.

Moreover, your data is encrypted by 256-bit military grade encryption.

Are there any fees?

Moving to the US can be stressful on its own. To make this a little easier, we don't charge any monthly maintenance fee, application fee, or any minimum balance.