Our story

Swadesh is a product of the experiences of our founding team, most of whom moved to the United States for their education or career. The United States is a “nation of immigrants” and deeply aspirational, yet banking and financial institutions in the United States do not reflect those ideals.

Swadesh was built to bridge the gap between premium US banking and Indian immigrants & non-US citizens. We’re an underserved group that faces real barriers to financial inclusion that can torpedo countless American Dreams.

Swadesh isn’t just a bank. We’re dreamers-in-arms.

We’re building a network of desi students and professionals to encourage your ambitions. We’re launching products for every step of your journey— from bright-eyed student to veteran green card holder. We’re disrupting finance to provide immigrants a seat at the influential, multicultural table that is the USA.

Don’t go with a bank that brings up your lack of financial history— go with a bank that helps you make history.

We're building the services we wished existed when  we emigrated. If you've faced similar problems and wondered who's solving them - we're here, and we're looking for you.

The team

Meet the people behind Swadesh

Prateek Swain


Dhruv Tyagi

Product, Growth, & Operations

Praveen Penumaka


D. Kasi Pavan Kumar


Vidur Butalia


Harshvardhan Singh


Anayat Sekhon

Growth & PR

Vamsi Krishna


Vishali Valioor

Growth & Design

Our investors

We’re fortunate to work with the best investors in the tech industry

Kevin Lin

Co-Founder, Twitch

Nat Turner

Co-Founder, Flatiron Health

Kunal Shah

Founder, CRED

Michael Y. Chow

Emmy Award winner

Jude Gomilla

CEO, Golden

Thomson Nguyen

CEO, Nearside

Josh Jones

Co-founder, DreamHost

Neil Arora

Founder, Momi Bay Group

Sumon Sandhu

Early investor, Cleartax & Mercury

Armaan Bharti Mittal

Hike messenger

In the press

Hindustan Times | 07-Jun-2022

Swadesh, a neobank for Indian expats, opens early access to US bank accounts

CNBC TV18  | 13-Jul-2022

Swadesh gets $2.25 million from Khosla Ventures, Y Combinator, 8VC

Your story | 13-Jul-2022

Swadesh raises $2.25M in pre-seed round

Businessworld | 13-Jul-2022

Swadesh Raises $2.25 Mn From Khosla Ventures, Y Combinator, 8VC