Banking that keeps pace with your American dream

Open an US checking bank account from India. No SSN. No minimum balance. No fees.

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Our beautiful green little app

Lightning fast onboarding

It only takes 3 minutes.

No paperwork

Use only your passport & US Visa to open your bank account

No branch visits

Set up your account digitally
from India

No risk

All your information is protected by bank-grade security

Your money: in the safest hands

We work with regulated banks to keep your money protected and insured .

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We host your account in
Evolve Bank & Trust

The premium debit card

Say hello to our sleek debit card in 5 colours.

Bespoke support across timezones

Specific asssistance tailored to your American dream.

Safeguard your deposits

While your money is protected by regulated banks, we protect your account with state of the art encryption

Frictionless banking in your pocket.

Supercharged Debit Card

A debit card that works anywhere in the US, with no ATM fees at 37,000+ in-network* ATMs

Virtual wallet integration

Make instant online transactions before you land in the US with our virtual debit card

Superfast payments

Wire money internationally or make domestic transfers using ACH, and connect your Swadesh account with your favourite apps

Full featured banking

Get your salary straight into your bank account with direct deposit, and deposit checks digitallyon the app. No need to visit a bank branch!

*37,000 high-traffic ATMs powered by moneypass all over the US

Supercharge your network.

100x your friendships, mentors, and network through our exclusive club of Swadesh members from top universities and firms in the United States.

We’ll let others show off for us

Ananye Patel
UCLA, Meta

“I wish I had found Swadesh sooner! It’s an excellent product and a total gamechanger for desis relocating to the US.”

Kabir Goel
UC Berkeley

“Finally, a bank made for me! I feel so seen. Never going back to traditional banking!”

Shubham Sarcar
NYU, McCann Consulting

“Slick interface, secure banking, and desi networking! I’ll be using my Swadesh account for life. Not to mention, my minimalistic Swadesh card turns heads.”

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Swadesh?

Swadesh is a Y Combinator-backed neobank for Indian students and immigrants heading to the United States. We enable you to open an FDIC-insured US checking account and provide you a virtual debit card using only your passport and visa. You can prepare for your financial future from India itself, and then receive a physical debit card once you have landed in the United States.

Do I need an SSN to get an account?

If you have an SSN, great! But it is not necessary to open a Swadesh account with an SSN. We accept a current passport with a valid, non-tourist (B-1/B-2) US visa.

Is Swadesh secure?

Your Swadesh account, on top of being insured , is secured using military-grade 256-bit encryption. All assets are held with r

Is my personal information safe with Swadesh?

We use Persona as our identity verification partner. Persona is one of the leading, trusted identity verification solution used by major companies such as Udemy, Coursera, AngelList, Brex, and Postmates. Your personal information is completely secure with Persona which honors the CCPA, GDPR, EU-U.S. and Swiss-U.S Privacy Shield Frameworks. They are also certified under the EU-U.S. and Swiss-U.S. Privacy Shield Frameworks for data transfer and storage.

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