Meet the credit card which pays you 4% interest

The only credit card which lets you cash in on high interest rates while giving you cashback for the brands you love


A Premium Credit card with all rewards, no fees

No credit checks to apply, no barrier to premium perks and rewards.

No annual fees

No interest rates

No security deposit

Mastercard powered credit card which builds your credit
Our banking app built for Indian international students moving to America

Earn 4% APY on your savings.
That is 18x the national average

US checking account built for you and your needs

No annual fees

No minimum balance

Onboard with just your Passport, ITIN (or) SSN

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any questions that are not listed here, please reach out to us at

What is Swadesh?

Swadesh is a Y Combinator-backed neobank for Indian students and immigrants heading to the United States.We allow you to get an FDIC insured US Bank account before you event set foot in America!You can start using our virtual card as soon as you land in the US and get your physical debit card delivered as soon as you settle down!

How does Swadesh make migration easier for me?

With a Swadesh account, you can:
1. Save lakhs of rupees on international transfers
2. Get a permanent SIM card delivered to India
3. Open and fund a US checking account from India
4. Build your credit score without any security deposit or interest

How safe is Swadesh?

All our bank accounts are insured upto $250,000 so you can rest assured that your money is in safe hands!